The missing
design companion
for Bootstrap 4

A thorough collection of Bootstrap components designed for Figma. Built to the exact CSS specifications from Bootstrap 4's documentation.

Available for Figma

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What's Inside

A Complete UI Kit

Bootstrap Design is a comprehensive and easy to use Figma UI Library, organized via components and atoms. It includes Local Styles for Bootstrap’s colors, grids, and typography so that you can easily customize it to fit your brand or product.




Grid System

Design Faster

Design and prototype Bootstrap sites faster with a collection of prebuilt components that leverage Figma's powerful Auto Layout and resizing constraints.

Complies with Bootstrap Documentation

Design & Dev Consistency 🔗

Layers and groups made to match Bootstrap class names, with components following the exact order of the official Bootstrap documentation. Experience the ultimate design & dev workflow.

600+ Bootstrap Components

Pick from a handful of components or build them from the ground up with atoms.

The perfect sidekick

Whether you're a designer who wants to deliver work faster. A developer who needs to test some UI before coding, or a PM who wants to quickly mock-up an idea. Bootstrap Design is a perfect fit for teams or individuals using Bootstrap in production or for prototyping.





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Terms of Use

Free to use with both personal and commercial projects. Sharing or reselling paid versions of this product is forbidden.


Bootstrap Design is not affiliated with the official Bootstrap front end framework or the design software Figma.